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Aims and Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the Regional association of Thessaly municipalities are:

  1. Cooperation of Municipalities that are members of the Regional association of Thessaly municipalities.
  2. The promotion of the institution of first degree authorities.
  3. The research and the study of issues related to local government and local development.
  4. The collecting and processing of data and information on general and specific issues related to the mission and work of municipalities.
  5. The systematic information and training of the staff of the municipalities.
  6. Cooperation with the Union of Greek Regions and other local authorities in order to promote the issues that concern them.
  7. Cooperation with institutions of local and regional authorities of the European Union and other international organizations and countries.
  8. Cooperation with public or private sector organizations who are active in local authorities issues, decentralization and development.
  9. Participation in all kinds of bodies and with representatives in accordance with relevant provisions.
  10. Planning, coordination and support of actions aiming to upgrade the position and role of municipal staff and members of elected bodies.
  11. Strengthen and support initiatives that strengthen decentralization and local development of organizational units.
  12. Taking actions and initiatives for the improvement of life, environmental protection and social cohesion.

Finally, the Regional association of Thessaly municipalities may publish books and publications on issues of local government and the Region of Thessaly.


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